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Message 2017

On the occasion of greeting the year of Rooster 2017, the Board of Directors and employees of Hop Tri Investment Corporation would like to wish all our valued customers and Partners Health, Success and just everything your heart desires!

During the past year, we has witnessed many great changes and challenges to the Vietnam agriculture. Climate changes lead to various natural disasters over the country, bringing critical loss to the farming and obviously raising more and more difficulties to the farmers.

As our responsibilities & commitment, Hop Tri has collaborated with the locals to deploy some main projects such as: ““Demonstration rice field tolerant to salinity and drought”, “Sustainable Agriculture”.... to immediately support the farmers. With the kind incorporation from our valued customers, the good credit and support from our Partners, Hop Tri eventually well implemented the mission and brought our products closer to the consumers with trust fostered.

Over the 14 years of establishment and development, we ourselves always strive to keep the company character, encourage the pioneer spirit to conquer difficulties and challenges, dedicate our works to best serve the Vietnam agriculture particularly and the country generally.

Staying with the mottos of "FOR SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE, FOR A HEALTHY COMMUNITY" and " The foundation for company development is business operation by heart, ethically and knowledge-based", we shall continue the orientation of research and technology transfer, development of safe and highly effective products, especially environmental friendly in order to contribute to protect a sustainable eco-system.

Along with the new year welcome, we are ourselves also aware of the agriculture prospect in such a challenging situation affected by climate change. Thus, we are looking for our customer's and Partner's incorporation to bring high quality products, modern cultivated process application to the farmers; which not only helps to build up Vietnamese agricultural products but also improve the environment, partially minimize bad impacts on the nature with gradually positive changes.

Above all, we respectfully thank you and wish to obtain your continuous interest and accompany in the upcoming time.

Yours faithfully,


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