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Dear Partners, Customers and Farmers,

It’s good news in 2017 when the total export value of Vietnam agricultural sector reached more than 36 billions USD, increased by 13% compared to the same period in 2016. The significant growth is in the cultivation with the export value of vegetables and fruits reaching nearly 3,5 billions USD, increased by 43%; the volume of rice exported for the year is estimated at 2,66 billions USD, increasing in volume and value.

This rate is forecasted to continue to increase in the coming years, particularly vegetables and fruits with remarkabe growth. This is the opportunity for Hop Tri in seperate and for the whole agricultural sector in general. However, there are many challenges ahead.

There remains a great paradox in argricultural production, while the world’s perception of agriculture is highly demanding of knowledge and technique, Vietnamese farmers often have low levels of education and expertise, accounting for 70% of the nation's labor force.

Therefore, farming thinking is backward; labor productivity and agricultural products value are low. Furthermore, the constraints of policies are also the reason why agriculture can not develop significantly, the position of farmers is not corresponding with their role and importance.

By thinking of farmers, we identify the business philosoply from the early days with the journey “for sustainable agriculture”. We have always reminded ourselves during the past 15 years to make the right decisions. For sustainable agriculture, above all, it is for farmers. Farmers win not just a bumper crop; our mission is to help farmers change their thinking and raise their awareness in agricultural production in order to use quality and environmentally friendly products; and help them to continue long-lasting and effective farming on their land, contributing to a peaceful, fresh and prosperous rural life.

Hop Tri has done its role well and will continue that journey. In the fiscal year 2016-2017, we have accomplished our business objectives, achieving sales of 120% and 20% growth compared to the same period last year.

But, ahead is a challenging journey that requires us to have a long-term vision for our company's development to be able to cope with market changes. In many tasks, we will continue to expand our cooperation with our partners to develop the market. In addition, we will participate in the assessment of the working environment to determine the position of the company on the market, create conditions for employees to develop their capability and stay longer with the company; continue to promote the commercial activities in accordance with the development strategy of the company; implement the program with farmers to protect the environment, produce the value chain & build up the sustainable distribution system.

We are proud that the "heart", "virtue" and "knowledge" have helped us obtain many achievements for agriculture. Vietnam agriculture in the future will strongly apply high technology, so it requires farmers have the level of technical understanding & technology knowledge; it also requires changes in thinking of agricultural production, using quality products in term of organic and biological to help the sustainable development for fields and agriculture.

We shall continue to be the bridge to consult, support information; transfer technology and have better policies for partners, customers, farmers and especially the advance products for agriculture.

On the occasion of the year of Dog 2018, we wish Partners, Customers and Farmers lucky, health and further development. Together, we believe that we will integrate well into a globally oriented agricultural market, where Vietnam will surely be a bright spot for the potential that has been and is being grasped.


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