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Hop Tri Investment Corporation received Mr. Hoang Quoc Vuong, The Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Viet Nam

On 26th February 2016, the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Viet Nam (MOIT), Mr. Hoang Quoc Vuong had a visit to Hop Tri Investment Corporation on the occasion of his 2 - day business for understanding of the domestic fertilizer market and receiving opinions from some representative enterprises in order to enhance the current management of the state.

At the meeting, the Deputy Director of Hop Tri had introduced about the corporation, the situation of production and trading and talked about the difficulties when Decree 202/2013/ND-CP on fertilizer management and Circular 29/2014/TT-BCT - guidance on implementation of Decree 202/2013/ND-CP were issued. Especially, the embarrassment of state management agencies in term of classification of fertilizer in the procedure of conformity announcement.

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The Deputy Director of Hop Tri introduced about the corporation to the Deputy Minister of MOIT and Delegates.

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The Deputy Minister and Delegates started to visit the laboratory and the factory of Hop Tri.

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Representative from Hop Tri also presented the reality of counterfeiters under Hop Tri brand name in the market and address petitions to increase management against counterfeiting in order to protect genuine business enterprises.

Accordingly, the Deputy Minister and his delegates promise to consider and propose the petitions addressed by the corporation to the Government for appropriate adjustments in the future.

According to the delegates, Hop Tri Investment Corporation is one of the first private enterprises in this kind of business which was honorably visited by the Deputy Minister of MOIT.

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