Message of the year 2019: “NEW VISION – NEW OPPORTUNITY”

To our valued partners, customers, farmers

The year of 2018 went through with many fluctuations in the world, typically US-China trade war. Although the prices of some industrial commodities sharply fell, the agricultural sector drove over difficulties, achieved impressive results on various targets and fields. In particular, the agricultural product export reached a new record of over USD 40 billions, up 9.6% compared to 2017. The production value of the whole sector increased by 3.86%, continuing to maintain 10 commodity groups with import - export turnover of over USD 1 billion, of which 05 items with turnover of more than USD 3 billions including shrimp: USD 3.59 billions, vegetable and fruit: 3.81 billions, cashew nut: 3.43 billions, coffee: 3.46 billions, wood and wooden product: 8.86 billions.

The ministry of agriculture and rural development (MARD) also affirmed that currently Vietnam has risen to the 2nd of SEA and the 15th of the world in term of the agricultural product export. The agricultural products will continue to be the key export commodity of Vietnam for the following years.

To encourage further development, early 2019, MARD has issued Circular on the list of key agricultural products of Vietnam, specifically in the field of cultivation such as rice, coffee, rubber, cashew, pepper, tea, vegetable, fruits, cassava and cassava products.

The bright picture of Vietnam’s agriculture shows that we have been restructuring the right direction. This is an important premise and motivation for further breakthrough. Therefore, we absolutely have right for the greater aspirations of Vietnam’s agriculture, specifically to build a brand of agriculture, to enhance the application of science and technology, to prioritize high technology, biotechnology, especially the application of achievement of 4.0 technology revolution, artificial intelligence and big database.

Back to Hop Tri, the last year was the 15th year of establisment and development and marked a milestone for achieving top ten of Vietnam’s leading companies in the field of agriculture and public health.This also means that Hop Tri has achieved the goal 02 years earlier than planned. This is the pride of Hop Tri team thanks to promoting the strength of core values, mission of sustainable agriculture, farmers and society.

Hop Tri not only contributed to bumper crops, accompanied with farmers to overcome disadvantage due to the effect of climate change, but also helped farmers to change their thinking and action for better cultivation everyday.

At the new stage, from our contributions and with the trust and expectation from community, Hop Tri has established new vision. This is the opportunity to look back our journey of development in order to contribute more values to the development of agriculture and public health. Accordingly, we will continue our effort in research and application to provide biological products, progressive scientific processes and solutions towards sustainable development.

On the occasion of the year of Pig 2019, we wish Partners, Customers, Farmers health and lucky. Your accompany and trust will be our motivation on the way of sustainable development and giving more valued contributions to the agriculture sector and public health for a Vietnam with prosperity and happiness.




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