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HTR_CREATE_DATE: 25/03/2016

HOP TRI Laboratory - The assigned laboratory of Plant Protection Department

With much effort of laboratory staff, on 12th January 2015, Hop Tri Laboratory had been assigned by the Plant Protection Department, MARD as the laboratory of agriculture and rural development in the field of quality of pesticides with 09 criteria.

One year later, on 29th February 2016 the Plant Protection Department had continuously recognized the expansion of additional 22 criteria for Hop Tri laboratory, increasing to 31 criteria in total.

The above recognization demonstrates that Hop Tri Laboratory has full competence in term of technique and management, the ability of providing testing results with high accuracy in compliance with the domestic and international standards.

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For testing services, please contact:
HOP TRI Laboratory
Tel.: 08-38734115 (ext. 105 or 122)
Cellphone: 0908.730.882 (Mr. Trương Huỳnh Tiến Thịnh)