Valued Farmers, Customers and Partners,

2020 was a difficult year of domestic agriculture production due to various factors: natural disasters; severe salinity and draught in Mekong Delta provinces; Africa swine fever was going on while bird flu would be threatening to spread out and especially Covid-19 outbreak had negative impacts to production and import export of agricultural products. Facing the above challenges, Hop Tri in particularly and the industry in general were also impacted more or less. Many companies could not stand and had to declare bankruptcy. The others just operated temporarily, their turnover reduced 60% - 80% vs. plan, loss of dozens to hundreds of billion dong.

In such circumstance, Hop Tri kept on looking for opportunities to reduce negative impacts through lots of important activities: studying, developing more new products for agriculture and health, particularly disinfectant products for medical industry and community against Covid-19 outbreak; building flexible policies for customers; offering practical solutions for farmers. Flexible response, foreseeing challenges and suitable policies helped Hop Tri “Overcome Difficulty” with rather stable business outcome. To achieve such result, Hop Tri would like to sincerely thank for the trust from our valuable partners, customers and farmers. This is a great motivation for our accompanying – resultant – consensus in continuous study and development of new high quality products for agriculture and community health, creating a “Sustainable Develop” environment for employees, partners, customers and farmers.

The year of 2021 will still be challenging due to unpredictable progress of Covid-19 and its negative impacts to the economy. We would like to wish our valued farmers, customers and partners good health and bravery with the spirit of “Overcome Difficulty – Sustainable Develop” to achieve new year’s targets.

Sincerelly Yours,

Signed by Chairman

Trần Ngọc Viễn



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