Hop Tri Introduction

Meaning of “Hop Tri” - Logo - Slogan

Meaning of "Hop Tri"

Hop Tri is the place for all people with their good knowledge and experience to come and work in order to build up the company into more and more developed as well as to contribute the profit able to the society.

Meaning of Logo

The combination of blue and green colors in the new logo represents the commitment to a sustainable ecosystem.
The integrated two leaves at the same point creates the internal flame that symbolizes the eagerness moving upward of Hop Tri.
The flask represents the harmonious combination of scientific research and practical experience at field to contribute the profitable values to people and society.

Meaning of Slogan

We have two respective slogans representing each group of products, as follows:

For Agricultural products:

Logo ForSustainalbeAgriculture


For Public Health products:

Logo ForHealthyCommunity

These slogans are the guidelines for our all business activities, especially in research, application and production.

Scope of Business

  1. Formulating, repacking and trading of:
    • Urban farming;
    • Plant nutrition;
    • Pesticides;
    • Household and public health product and services;
    • Post-harvest products;
    • Agricultural materials.
  2. Toll formulation and repacking.
  3. Agricultural technical training & consulting with GAP standards.
  4. Testing and Analysis of techniques (Scientific and technical services, testing and analysis of products in the field of plant protection, fertilizers and pest control organization (PCO)).

Vision - Mission



Being a leading company to provide valued contributions to agriculuture and community



Being a pioneer in research and application of scientific advances to provide the best solutions for sustainable development of agriculture and community


Core Values


Business Philosophy

  • Complying with law - Effectiveness for consumers.
  • New people - New idea - New action - New products.
  • No small things - Nothing is impossible - Never satisfying with ourselves.
  • Being happy for giving support to customers and helping farmers.
  • Building Hop Tri with specific strategy - Being ready to run business with high pressure.
  • Being polite and whole - hearted to customers are career moral criteria for Hop Tri's employees.

Development Strategy

  • Cooperate with prestigious foreign organizations for sustainable agriculture development of the country.
  • Expand ralationships with research institutes to update advances of science and technology to meet the need of the market.
  • Transfer the technology, not only sales
  • Provide full package with many solutions